Photo by: Ken Grosse/UCSD Athletics

Tritons Row to Three Second-Place Finishes at UC Challenge


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NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. - In its first competition of the spring Saturday, the University of California San Diego women's rowing team recorded three second-place finishes at the UC Challenge in Newport Beach.

In the closest race of the event, UC San Diego's Varsity 8 crew finished just one-tenth of a second out of first place. UC Santa Barbara posted a winning time of 6:51.6 and the Tritons followed in 6:51.7. UC Irvine was a distant third in 7:26.3.

"The Varsity 8 was the most exciting race of the day," said UCSD head coach Colin Truex. "Racing 2,000 meters side-by-side another crew is exhilarating. We took a lot away from the experience and know that we have work to do going forward."

In the JV8 race, UC Santa Barbara was also victorious, finishing in 7:04.7. UCSD was second in 7:08.9 and was followed by UCSB's "B" boat in 7:09.9 and the Tritons' "B" boat in 7:10.5.

UC San Diego found another second-place finish in the Novice 8 event, crossing in 7:43.3. UC Irvine was the winner in 7:17.2 and UC Santa Barbara was third in 7:55.3.

"It was a solid first race for the team," said Truex. "Each boat had a good battle within the race, which is the best way to really learn about racing."

Varsity 8
1. UC Santa Barbara 6:51.6
2. UC San Diego 6:51.7
3. UC Irvine 7:26.3

JV 8
1. UC Santa Barbara 7:04.7
2. UC San Diego 7:08.9
3. UC Santa Barbara "B" 7:09.9
4. UC San Diego "B" 7:10.5

Novice 8
1. UC Irvine 7:17.2
2. UC San Diego 7:43.3
3. UC Santa Barbara 7:55.3

2nd Novice 8
1. UC Santa Barbara 7:52.2
2. UC Irvine 7:53.3

Boat Lineups
Varsity 8: Juni Kim (coxswain), Brooke Campbell, Tonya Khounani, Kyley Jones, Sydney McGuire, Catherine Mosher, Jane Zanteson, Alana Zaleski, Audrey Ruttan

JV8: Marie Kawahara (coxswain), Madeleine Wagner, Isabela Martinez, Caitlin Tribelhorn, Evelyn Brady, Ellie Westbrock, Olivia Koyama, Storrey Lance, Taylor Iantosca

3V8: Allison Patacsil (coxswain), Kiana Killian, Melanie Jaffe, Malia Mizuno, Defne Sevil, Brianna Lehane, Nina Lundblad, Scotlyn Macdonald, Larissa Morse

Novice 8: Maile Heyer (coxswain), Morgan Stark, Taryn Geivet, Geraldine Wambersie, Sarah Proctor, Devin Gaetje, Cassidy Paradis, Iulia Rusu, Kaili Inouye


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