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Tritons Solid at Western Sprints


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RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif. - The University of California San Diego men's rowing team posted solid results at the Western Sprints Regatta Saturday afternoon on Lake Natoma, capturing a win and two second-place finishes.

The Varsity 8 race saw Santa Clara claim the top slot at 5:54.5. UC San Diego followed five seconds behind, finishing with a time of 5:59.1. The University of San Diego (6:03.2), Oklahoma City (6:13.7), and Gonzaga (6:26.6) came in third, fourth, and fifth respectively.

Santa Clara also took first in the Second Varsity 8 race, marking a time of 6:05.8. The Tritons were once again right on their heels at the finish, clocking a 6:07.7. Gonzaga (6:18.1) captured third while USD (6:27.3) took fourth.

In the Third Varsity 8 event, UC San Diego posted a winning time of 6:17.0, over five seconds ahead of second place Santa Clara (6:22.7). Gonzaga (6:49.3) came in third.
The Varsity 4 saw USD take first, posting a time of 7:12.8. Santa Clara came in second at 7:20.1 and UCSD brought up the rear with a 7:34.2.

USD earned the top spot in the Varsity 4 with a time of 7:12.8. Santa Clara was second in 7:20.1 and UC San Diego took third in 7:34.2.

With the regular season now concluded, selections for the IRA National Championships will officially be announced on Wednesday, May 17. The event takes place June 2-4 on Lake Natoma.

Varsity 8
1. Santa Clara 5:54.5
2. UC San Diego 5:59.1
3. University of San Diego 6:03.2
4. Oklahoma City 6:13.7
5. Gonzaga 6:26.6

Second Varsity 8
1. Santa Clara 6:05.8
2. UC San Diego 6:07.7
3. Gonzaga 6:18.1
4. University of San Diego 6:27.3

Third Varsity 8
1. UC San Diego 6:17.0
2. Santa Clara 6:22.7
3. Gonzaga 6:49.3

Varsity 4
1. University of San Diego 7:12.8
2. Santa Clara 7:20.1
3. UC San Diego 7:34.2

Boat Lineups
Varsity 8: coxswain Isa Batki, Hank Wong, Alec Petty, Sean Callaghan, Jason Germain, Gibb Anella, Tynan Rodger, Steven Bolton, Micah Adelsohn

Second Varsity 8: coxswain Lily Ouyang, Kevin Chang, Matt Thalken, Daniel Mahan, Gabriel Lane, Alexei Sebald, Ryan Newbury, Carson West, Kenneth Padden

Third Varsity 8: coxswain Rina Patel, Sean Reynolds, Greg Coffman, Anthony Morrell, Victor De Cos, Keith Mielke, Nick Baltar, Bryan Brennan, Nicholas Gennaro

Varsity 4: coxswain Mark Ash, Michael Landheer, Adrian Dinescu, Andy Marshall, William Stock


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