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UCSD Rowing Completes Day Two At IRA National Championships


RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif. - The University of California San Diego men's rowing team had three crews in action on the second day of the Intercollegiate Rowing Association (IRA) National Championships Saturday on Lake Natoma.

UCSD's Varsity 8 (sixth place), Second Varsity 8 (sixth place) and Third Varsity 8 (fourth place) all competed in semifinal races.

In the Varsity 8 Semifinal 4, Navy never trailed and finished with a first-place time of 5:50.400. Next came George Washington in 5:51.370 and Stanford in third at 5:51.780. The three crews advance to the V8 Third Final on Sunday.

Hobart (5:57.920), Santa Clara (5:58.850) and UC San Diego (6:07.870) brought in fourth, fifth and sixth respectively. These three head to Sunday's V8 Fourth Final.

Navy, George Washington and Stanford established themselves early as the leaders of the pack. The Cardinal and the Colonials challenged each other for second place and Stanford moved ahead with about 750 meters left. However, a push from GW in the final 250 meters allowed it to take second place.

"The Varsity 8 had another tough race," said UC San Diego head coach Zach Johnson. "I am proud of how they are handling the pressure and hope they find the boat speed I know they are capable of in their final race Sunday."

The Second Varsity 8 Semifinal 4 saw Stanford capture first with a time of 5:54.870. Navy followed in 5:56.851 and Hobart was third in 6:01.815. The three crews will row in the 2V8 Third Final on Sunday.

Florida Tech (6:04.350), Oregon State (6:04.396) and UCSD (6:10.174) made up the last three finishes and will compete in Sunday's 2V8 Fourth Final.

Stanford took an early lead with Navy just behind. At 500 meters, UCSD challenged Navy for its second place position. However, Hobart rallied from fourth and overtook the Tritons at 1000 meters. UCSD continued to fall back, while Florida Tech managed to nip Oregon State at the finish line.

In Third Varsity 8 Semifinal 4, Oregon State placed first with a time of 5:58.015 and George Washington took second in 5:59.515. The final qualifying spot for the 3V8 Third Final went to Drexel (6:12.298), which beat the Tritons (6:13.037) by just a second. UC San Diego will take a slot in the 3V8 Fourth Final on Sunday.

At the start, George Washington took a quick lead over the rest of the crews. After a few hundred meters, Oregon State began to gain on the Colonials and would challenge them until the finish. Just before 1000 meters, Drexel ramped up its rate to 40 strokes per minute and was able to nab third place.

Looking at Sunday's schedule, UCSD's 3V8 goes to head-to-head with Santa Clara in the Fourth Final at 9:40 a.m. The 2V8 Fourth Final is at 10:10 a.m. and the Tritons are up against Santa Clara, Oregon State, Florida Tech, Drexel and St. Joseph's. At 11:30 a.m., UCSD will join Santa Clara, Hobart, Oregon State and St. Joseph's in the V8 Fourth Final.

All of Sunday's races can be followed with live video.

UC San Diego is making its fourth appearance at the IRA National Championships.


Varsity 8: coxswain Isa Batki, Hank Wong, Alec Petty, Sean Callaghan, Jason Germain, Gibb Anella, Tynan Rodger, Steven Bolton, Micah Adelsohn

Second Varsity 8: coxswain Lily Ouyang, Ryan Newbury, Daniel Mahan, Matt Thalken, Alexei Sebald, Gabriel Lane, Greg Coffman, Kenneth Padden, Carson West

Third Varsity 8: coxswain Mark Ash, Kevin Chang, Anthony Morrell, Victor De Cos, Keith Mielke, Nicholas Gennaro, Sean Reynolds, Nick Baltar, Bryan Brennan


Friday, June 2
Varsity 8 Heat 1
1. Washington 5:36.892
2. Brown 5:38.083
3. Northeastern 5:43.716
4. Navy 5:50.102
5. Columbia 5:59.255
6. UC San Diego 6:07.116

Varsity 8 Repechage 4
1. Penn 5:53.184
2. Stanford 5:58.104
3. Oregon State 6:02.277
4. UC San Diego 6:18.103

Second Varsity 8 Heat 1
1. Washington 5:45.438
2. Brown 5:50.626
3. George Washington 5:56.676
4. Navy 6:02.205
5. Oregon State 6:08.270
6. UC San Diego 6:18.563

Second Varsity 8 Repechage 4
1. Dartmouth 6:03.291
2. Stanford 6:06.430
3. Syracuse 6:16.234
4. UC San Diego 6:35.805

Third Varsity 8 Heat 3
1. California 5:48. 882
2. Cornell 5:55.332
3. Brown 6:01.466
4. Oregon State 6:10.696
5. UC San Diego 6:28.045

Third Varsity 8 Repechage 1
1. Northeastern 6:01.134
2. Syracuse 6:01.526
3. Brown 6:01.703
4. George Washington 6:07.486
5. Stanford 6:17.789
6. UC San Diego 6:32.152

Saturday, June 3
Varsity 8 Semifinal 4
1. Navy 5:50.400
2. George Washington 5:51.370
3. Stanford 5:51.780
4. Hobart 5:57.920
5. Santa Clara 5:58.850
6. UC San Diego 6:07.870

Second Varsity 8 Semifinal 4
1. Stanford 5:54.870
2. Navy 5:56.851
3. Hobart 6:01.815
4. Florida Tech 6:04.350
5. Oregon State 6:04.396
6. UC San Diego 6:10.174

Third Varsity 8 Semifinal 4
1. Oregon State 5:58.015
2. George Washington 5:59.515
3. Drexel 6:12.298
4. UC San Diego 6:13.037

Sunday, June 4
9:40 a.m. - Third Varsity 8 Fourth Final
Santa Clara
UC San Diego

10:10 a.m. - Second Varsity 8 Fourth Final
Santa Clara
Oregon State
Florida Tech
St. Joseph's
UC San Diego

11:30 a.m. - Varsity 8 Fourth Final
UC San Diego
Santa Clara
Oregon State
St. Joseph's


2013 - V8 5th in Fourth Final, 2V8 7th in Third Final
2011 - V8 6th in Third Final, 2V8 2nd in Third Final, N8 6th in Petite Final
2009 - V8 4th in Fourth Final, N8 5th in Third Final, V4 5th in Third Final


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