Photo by: Ken Grosse/UCSD Athletics
Kenneth Padden and the Tritons "A" crew finished third at Sunday's San Diego Fall Classic.

Men's Rowing Takes Second At San Diego Fall Classic


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SAN DIEGO — The University of California San Diego men’s rowing team had an outstanding performance to end its fall season at the 2017 San Diego Fall Classic on Sunday morning at Mission Bay.

The Tritons “A” crew finished second out of 17 teams in the Men’s Open 8+ competition to begin the day, with the UC San Diego “B” crew placing fifth and the UCSD “C” crew taking 13th. In addition, the Tritons finished third out of 13 boats in the Men’s Open Novice 8+ race later in the morning.

“I’m really proud of our team,” said UC San Diego head men’s rowing coach Zach Johnson. “They really focused on executing what we worked on in practice. They are ahead of schedule on where we want to be this time of year.”

The Tritons “A” crew finished the race in 15-minutes, 23.71-seconds, finishing second to only the University of San Diego “A” crew (15:15.70). The “A” crew boat named “Shock and Awe” was comprised of Kenneth Padden, Steven Bolton, Micah Adelsohn, Gibb Anella, Jason Germain, Alexei Sebald, Sean Reynolds, Hank Wong and coxswain Lily Ouyang.

Orange Coast College finished third with a time of 15:31.71. The UC San Diego “B” crew crossed the finish line in 15:55.33, while the UCSD “C” crew finished in 17:22.72.

Meanwhile in the Men’s Open Novice 8+, the UC San Diego “A” crew boat named “Stehly” placed third with a time of 16:42.63. Orange Coast College finished first at 16:28.59 and USD took second after crossing the finish line in 16:34.21.

UC San Diego will now regroup and begin preparing for its spring season, beginning with the San Diego City Championships at Mission Bay on Feb. 24.

Open 8+

1. University of San Diego "A" 15:15.70
2. UC San Diego "A" 15:31.71
3. Orange Coast College 15:31.71
5. UC San Diego "B" 15:55.33
13. UC San Diego "C" 17:22.72

Open Novice 8+

1. Orange Coast College 16:28.59
2. University of San Diego 16:34.21
3. UC San Diego "A" 16:42.63

UC San Diego Boat Lineups
Open 8+ "A" - Coxswain Lily Ouyang, Kenneth Padden, Steven Bolton, Micah Adelsohn, Gibb Anella, Jason Germain, Alexei Sebald, Sean Reynolds, Hank Wong 

Open 8+ "B" - Coxswain Rina Patel, Grayson Hanson, Nathan Bayardo, Kieth Mielke, Greg Coffman, Gabriel Lane, Trevor Kelly, Anthony Morrell, Victor DeCos

Open 8+ "C" - Coxswain Elizabeth Schmeding, Bryan Brennan, Noa Kerner, Gabriel Kunkel, Evan Krause, Will Lyons, Garen Doyle, Wesley Reynolds, Nicholas Baltar

Open Novice 8+ "A" - Coxswain Madelyn Brown, Wesley Reynolds, Garen Doyle, Tazio Cappozola, William Lyons, Trevor Kelly, Grayson Hanson, Noa Kerner


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