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Sophomore Emma Zmurk went undefeated in Senior Women's Epee Sunday.

UC San Diego Wins Three of Six Events as Host of San Diego Cup


LA JOLLA, Calif. - The University of California San Diego fencing team started the season off strong by winning three of six events at the San Diego Cup, which took place Sunday at Main Gym on the La Jolla campus.

UC San Diego earned wins in Senior Men's Foil, Senior Women's Epee, and Senior Men's Saber. In total, 11 Tritons went away with medals.
UC San Diego had a great showing on the podium right off the bat, securing three medals in the Senior Men’s Foil event. Sophomore Aidan Chu went 8-0 on the day and seized the gold after beating freshman teammate Benjamin Hadler in the final. Daman Heer, also a first-year, placed third.
“It feels good,” Chu remarked after his win. “It feels like putting in all that hard work with conditioning and practice has paid off. Hopefully I can build on this win and help the team’s success in the near future.”
In addition to winning the first gold for UC San Diego, Chu upgraded his foil rating from an A2015 to an A2018.

The next Triton victory came from sophomore Emma Zmurk, who went undefeated on the day, going 6-0 in pools and winning three straight direct elimination bouts in Senior Women's Epee. Zmurk fenced teammates Amelia Harrison and freshman Ariane Mohabir, who placed second and third, respectively.

“It feels nice to win while being at a home setting where I can both fence and support my teammates,” said Zmurk.

Freshman Justin Park helped the Tritons finish the day strong, grasping the gold in Senior Men’s Saber. Park admits that his most difficult bout all day was against teammate CK Lau in the round of eight.

“I struggled fencing CK,” said Park. “Since he’s my teammate, he knows how I fence so I had to change my tactics. With everyone else, I felt like I could play my own game.”
In the Senior Women’s Foil event, junior Caitlyn Callaghan represented the Tritons on the podium with her bronze medal.
The Senior Men’s Epee contingent also had a strong debut with squad captain Ziad Khayat and senior Scott Phillips capturing bronze medals.
In Senior Women’s Saber, freshman Julia Hill added to the Triton medal count with her third-place finish.
The San Diego Cup marked Juan Ignacio Calderon’s first tournament in his new role as the head coach of UC San Diego's fencing program.

“This was a solid beginning and we're looking forward to a promising season,” said Calderon, who was an assistant coach with the Tritons last season.
Next up for UC San Diego is the infamous BladeRunner tournament, which we be held Nov. 3-4 in the newly-remodeled RIMAC Arena.

Senior Men's Epee (28 fencers)
1. Daniel Shifron, TTFC
2. David Polakoski, EFA
3. Ziad Khayat, UC San Diego
3. Scott Phillips, UC San Diego
6. Brandon Chien, UC San Diego
13. Alex Soderberg, UC San Diego

Senior Men's Foil (17 fencers)
1. Aidan Chu, UC San Diego
2. Benjamin Hadler, UC San Diego
3. Maxwell Yee, LAIFC
3. Damanjit Heer, UC San Diego
5. Brandon Lee, UC San Diego
11. Nathan Jeon, UC San Diego

Senior Men's Saber (24 fencers)
1. Justin Park, UC San Diego
2. Dimitri Kupanoff, Laguna
3. Shawn Kim, Laguna
3. Keegan Oster, HSC
6. Cheung Kang Lau, UC San Diego
7. Alexandre Leonelli, UC San Diego
9. Alejandro Fosado, UC San Diego
10. Kevin Lee, UC San Diego
12. Evan George, UC San Diego
14. Matthew Misogas, UC San Diego
16. Syed Adam Emir Putra, UC San Diego

Senior Women's Epee (14 fencers)
1. Emma Zmurk, UC San Diego
2. Amelia Harrison, UC San Diego
3. Ariane Mohabir, UC San Diego
3. Chloe Lavery, TTFC
5. Christine Drake-Thomas, UC San Diego
7. Aditi Soin, UC San Diego
11. Michelle Caplin, UC San Diego
13. Avery Coble, UC San Diego

Senior Women's Foil (13 fencers)
1. Diana Preciado, CET
2. Nicole Pustilnik, TTFC
3. Caitlyn Callaghan, UC San Diego
3. Ava De La Cruz, AHFC
7. Konami Masui, UC San Diego
9. Lara Obedin, UC San Diego
10. Erica Kuen, UC San Diego
13. Isabella Franco, UC San Diego

Senior Women's Saber (14 fencers)
1. Megan Liang, SDFC
2. Jenny Song, Laguna
3. Julia Hill, UC San Diego
3. Audrey Chan, Laguna
5. Erin Lee, UC San Diego
6. Miya Coimbra, UC San Diego
7. Dana Chou, UC San Diego
9. Monique Zhou, UC San Diego
10. Dylan Sarish, UC San Diego
13. Yingwen Guo, UC San Diego

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