Photo by: UCSD
Michelle Caplin (right) finished seventh and Christine Drake-Thomas (left) was eighth in the Division II Epee event.

Tritons Record Solid Results at Season-Opening North American Cup


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ANAHEIM, Calif. - The University of California San Diego fencing team turned in solid results at the North American Cup, which ran Friday through Monday at the Anaheim Convention Center in Orange County. It was the first event of the Tritons' 2017-18 schedule.

The UC San Diego women recorded five top-30 finishes. In the Division II Epee competition, Michelle Caplin placed seventh and Christine Drake-Thomas was just behind in eighth among 106 fencers. Laura Obedin finished 15th in Division II Foil, while Miya Coimbra was 18th in Division II Saber. UCSD's top finisher in Division I competition was Emily Beihold, who took 27th in Epee among a large field of 164 fencers. Taly Yukelson was 46th in that event.

On the men's side, Sean Callaghan placed eighth of 184 in Division II Foil. In Division I action, Evan George tied for 38th in Saber, while David Hadler was 45th in Foil. Ziad Khayat placed 60th and Callaghan tied for 73rd in Epee, which featured a field of 291 competitors.

Next up on the schedule, the Tritons host their annual BladeRunner event Nov. 4-5 at RIMAC Arena.

Division I Women's Epee (164 fencers)
27. Emily Beihold, UCSD
46. Taly Yukelson, UCSD
T-95. Emma Zmurk, UCSD
106. Amelia Harrison, UCSD

Division II Women's Epee (106 fencers)
7. Michelle Caplin, UCSD
8. Christine Drake-Thomas, UCSD
51. Aditi Soin, UCSD
79. Avery Coble, UCSD
88. Karen Chiem, UCSD

Division I Women's Foil (143 fencers)
T-128. Konami Masui, UCSD
131. Caitlyn Callaghan, UCSD

Division II Women's Foil (125 fencers)
15. Lara Obedin, UCSD
38. Mia Chiang, UCSD
47. Erica Ho, UCSD
80. Karen Chiem, UCSD
122. Isabella Franco, UCSD

Division I Women's Saber (132 fencers)
76. Dana Chou, UCSD
94. Miya Coimbra, UCSD

Division II Women's Saber (109 fencers)
18. Miya Coimbra, UCSD
99. Monique Zhou, UCSD


Division I Men's Epee Classification (132 fencers)
22. Alex Okamoto, UCSD
80. Luke Sirand, UCSD
108. Evan Stauber, UCSD

Division I Men's Epee (291 fencers)
60. Ziad Khayat, UCSD
T-73. Sean Callaghan, UCSD
165. Zach Kravitz, UCSD
212. Alex Okamoto, UCSD
217. Evan Stauber, UCSD
252. Luke Sirand, UCSD

Division I Men's Foil (199 fencers)
45. David Hadler, UCSD
63. Dillon Cooke, UCSD
T-78. Aidan Chu, UCSD
108. Nicholas Phan, UCSD
118. Brian Howard, UCSD
140. Zuhril Megat Zariman, UCSD
T-165. Warren Chen, UCSD
185. Brandon Lee, UCSD

Division II Men's Foil (184 fencers)
8. Sean Callaghan, UCSD

Division I Men's Saber (182 fencers)
T38. Evan George, UCSD
49. Thejas Gulati, UCSD
117. Alexandre Leonelli, UCSD
126. Kevin Lee, UCSD
157. Alejandro Fosado, UCSD
T-160. Matthew Misogas, UCSD


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