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Tejas Gulati and Zach Kravitz were Bladerunner gold medal winners.

UCSD Earns Two Wins and 18 Top-10 Finishes During Bladerunner Tournament


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LA JOLLA, Calif. - The University of California San Diego fencing team produced two wins, four podium finishes, and 18 top-10 performances at its 22nd annual Bladerunner tournament, held Saturday and Sunday at RIMAC Arena.

Both of UC San Diego's victories came on the men's side as freshman Zach Kravitz topped the 90-competitor field in Senior Epee and junior Tejas Gulati finished atop the 70-fencer contingent in Senior Saber.

Gulati, the tournament's eighth seed, defeated No. 5 Antonio Heathcock of Cardinal Fencing Club, 15-6, in the championship bout. Fourth-seeded Kravitz battled for a 15-14 victory over second-seeded Kyle Yamasaki of East Bay Fencers in the title match-up.

Freshman Aidan Chu tied for third in Senior Foil to grab another podium spot for the Triton men.

Other top-10 finishers included senior David Hadler (5th Senior Foil), junior Evan George (6th Senior Saber), freshman Brandon Lee (7th Senior Foil, 8th Junior Foil), freshman Alejandro Fosado (9th Junior Saber), and freshman Luke Sirand (9th Junior Epee).

For the UCSD women, sophomore Taly Yukelson found the podium in Junior Epee, tying for third place among 50 competitors. She was seventh in Senior Epee.

Also placing in the top-10 were freshman Dana Chou (6th Junior Saber, 10th Senior Saber), freshman Konami Masui (6th Senior Foil), freshman Emma Zmurk (6th Junior Epee), freshman Lara Obedin (8th Senior Foil), freshman Miya Coimbra (9th Junior Saber), and sophomore Amelia Harrison (10th Junior Epee).

Hadler is a three-time NCAA Championship qualifier for the Tritons and placed a career-best 10th in 2017. Yukelson also competed at nationals in 2017, finishing sixth as a freshman. Both earned All-America honors for their performances.

Bladerunner was the final competition of 2017 for UC San Diego. The Tritons are next in action Jan. 5-8, 2018, at the North American Cup in Virginia Beach.

Senior Epee (90 fencers)
1. Zach Kravitz, UCSD
12. Ziad Khayat, UCSD
34. Luke Sirand, UCSD
T-56. Evan Stauber, UCSD
58. Alex Okamoto, UCSD
60. Brandon Chan, UCSD

Junior Epee (49 fencers)
9. Luke Sirand, UCSD
16. Evan Stauber, UCSD
20. Zach Kravitz, UCSD

Senior Foil (59 fencers)
T-3. Aidan Chu, UCSD
5. David Hadler, UCSD
7. Brandon Lee, UCSD
14. Dillon Cooke, UCSD
19. Brian Howard, UCSD
20. Zuhril Megat Zariman, UCSD
34. Andrew Hou, UCSD
38. Nicholas Phan, UCSD
51. Warren Chen, UCSD

Junior Foil (56 fencers)
8. Brandon Lee, UCSD
14. Dillon Cooke, UCSD
20. Aidan Chu, UCSD

Senior Saber (70 fencers)
1. Tejas Gulati, UCSD
6. Evan George, UCSD
21. James Giles, UCSD
22. Matthew Misogas, UCSD
24. Kevin Lee, UCSD
26. Alexandre Leonelli, UCSD
27. Alejandro Fosado, UCSD

Junior Saber (61 fencers)
9. Alejandro Fosado, UCSD
35. Kevin Lee, UCSD

Senior Epee (57 fencers)
7. Taly Yukelson, UCSD
13. Emma Zmurk, UCSD
15. Amelia Harrison, UCSD
18. Christine Drake-Thomas, UCSD
19. Michelle Caplin, UCSD
30. Karen Chiem, UCSD
34. Emily Beihold, UCSD
46. Aditi Soin, UCSD
54. Avery Coble, UCSD

Junior Epee (50 fencers)
T-3. Taly Yukelson, UCSD
6. Emma Zmurk, UCSD
10. Amelia Harrison, UCSD
12. Emily Beihold, UCSD
45. Avery Coble, UCSD

Senior Foil (37 fencers)
6. Konami Masui, UCSD
8. Lara Obedin, UCSD
11. Caitlyn Callaghan
12. Mia Chiang, UCSD
22. Isabella Franco, UCSD
33. Erica Ho, UCSD

Junior Foil (44 fencers)
12. Caitlyn Callaghan, UCSD
27. Konami Masui, UCSD
30. Mia Chiang, UCSD
38. Lara Obedin, UCSD

Senior Saber (38 fencers)
10. Dana Chou, UCSD
19. Miya Coimbra, UCSD
35. Monique Zhou, UCSD

Junior Saber (42 fencers)
6. Dana Chou, UCSD
9. Miya Coimbra, UCSD


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