Alaska Anchorage/Hawaii Pacific Press Conference Quotes

By UC San Diego

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Alaska Anchorage: Ryan McCarthy, Hannah Wandersee, Tara Thompson


Ryan: “We’re excited to come away with a win. It was definitely not our best basketball game of the season but we made enough plays down the stretch and hit free throws when we needed to come away with the win. Credit to Hawaii Pacific because I thought they had a good game plan against us and forced us to do some things offensively that we didn’t want to do.”


Hannah: “I knew from the get go they’d be doubling the post down low so I expected that to come. I tried to focus on finding the open shooters and if I didn’t see the double team, going up confidently.”


Tara: “We’re just trying to do the little things, making sure we’re boxing out. I think we did decent on that because we won the rebounding war. I think for the next game we need to focus on the little things and feeding Hannah the ball.”


Ryan: “I don’t think I talked to the group on time about X’s and O’s, I think it was a focus thing. When you get tired or when the level raises, you don’t raise to the level of competition, you sink to the level of your training. At times we sunk below our level of training which was disappointing, but in the end we were solid enough defensively and executed our sets at the end to make enough buckets to win.”


Hannah: “First round is always tricky. Everyone has nerves. If you lose one game you’re done. Once you start those first few minutes and get into the flow of the game you have to focus on the little things like talking on defense and knowing what your game plan was.”


Hawaii Pacific: Reid Takatsuka, Starr Rivera, Alysha Marcucci, Breana McKenzie


Reid: “It was a good game. Anchorage obviously is an extremely good team and they deserved to win. They outworked us today I thought. I thought our young team did a good job of pushing back throughout the game but we fell a little short.”


Reid: “Anchorage has been here a whole bunch of times and we have a whole bunch of freshman on our team right now playing major minutes and that pushback by Anchorage rattled us for a second and it took us time to get into it when they ramped it up.”


Starr: “My team gave me some awesome passes and looks. They’ve always got my back. Even though we were down, I knew we had all the pieces we needed. I wanted to win so badly and I wanted to keep us in the game.”


Breana: “Especially in the tournament, teams are playing 10 times harder. The good thing about our team is no one puts their head down, we always keep going. We talk about hard work beats talent.”


Alysha: “I think our bench really helped. They helped me the whole game. At the start if we were missing, my teammates would pat me on the back and say, ‘Keep shooting.’”


Reid: “I’m extremely proud of this team. It’s one of those things where you see a young group get better and better each day. They’ve done a lot more than the teams in the past. We had to work through our youth, we had some injuries, we were getting all the pieces to work together. I’m extremely proud of what we did. Most people would say they didn’t think we could win it all, but these girls and this team proved them wrong.”