Northwest Nazarene/Humboldt State Press Conference Quotes

By UC San Diego

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Northwest Nazarene: Steve Steele, Avery Albrecht, Danielle Jardine


Steve: “Humboldt State is tough. It’s what you’d expect at a national tournament. They’re extremely well-coached and had a great game plan. Their big three… we tried so many ways to stop them… Our girls didn’t panic and eventually we wore them down. If the game were three quarters, we would’ve been in trouble, but I’m glad it’s four.


Avery: “I think it gets easier to score because the twins are such a threat so they’re always getting doubled and they’re good at finding me at the outside. Definitely props to the twins and the rest of the team.”


Danielle: “It was really tough trying to post players up because they would try to get us high side and then we always had double team so it was easier to kick it out to our shooters.”


Steve: “I think we got a little complacent and got away from our game plan which was typically stay aggressive and stay high... They’re a well-coached team and they executed their stuff in the second quarter… At halftime we talked about being more aggressive and making them uncomfortable.”


Avery: “I think we all came together and knew we’d win this on the defensive side by getting stops. Other teams can match our offensive side… We came together on defense and had a sense of urgency.”


Danielle: “It was tough for me down low since I was rushing a lot of shots so my shots weren’t going through. All I could do to help my teammates was table to rebound and get it out to the shooters.”


Humboldt State: Michelle Bento-Jackson, Alexia Thrower, Isamar Conde, Tyra Turner


Michelle: “I told the team before the game, obviously we knew this was going to be a hard fought game against a very talented Nazarene team. I preach to the girls all the time about our competitiveness and toughness. I thought it was a hard fought game from beginning to end… Our girls fought the entire time and I’m very proud of them.”


Alexia: “We have two seniors on our team and we’re going hard for them... We’re trying to leave everything on the court and stay energized and keep each other positive.”


Isamar: “We had the momentum going into the half and we wanted to keep pushing and working hard for each other.”


Tyra: “I think it was definitely a hard fought game. There were a lot of ups and downs in the game, but the girls showed a lot of heart and played their best for each other. They brought the intensity and it sucks to come out with the loss but we fought hard.”


Isamar: “It’s very bittersweet. I’m just going to miss playing the game and playing with these girls. It was nice to go back out one more time after the East Bay loss to show what we’re able to do. I’m grateful for everything that basketball has done for me.”