Azusa Pacific/Cal Poly Pomona Press Conference Quotes

By UC San Diego

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Cal Poly Pomona: Danelle Bishop, Jordyn Shane, Kasey Smit


Danelle: “It was a heck of a game and I’m so proud of these girls… We really battled tonight and we’re a lot smaller than them. To come in and have 40 points in the paint and things like that, I think it shows the grittiness our players have. I hope they earned a lot of respect from a lot of people out there watching.


Jordyn: “I think we fought hard. I think it was a really good game. It’s sad the outcome we had, but I’m really proud of our team and it was a really good effort.”


Kasey: “I think it helped my performance based off of my teammates and I had the mindset of going all out tonight because why not? The help from my coaches having my back and my teammates made it all better.”


Jordyn: “This entire season we’ve had a lot of adversity besides the teams we’ve been playing. The practices and everything leading up to this game I think prepared us for this.”


Kasey: “I think we’re faced with new challenges with every team we play, and that allowed us to play in this game.”


Danelle: “Our conference is tough. I can’t tell you how many close games we’ve been in. Jordyn had a great shot but it just didn’t go our way.”


Azusa Pacific: T.J. Hardeman, Rachel Bozlee, Savanna Hanson


T.J.: “At this time of the year you’re hoping for everyone to play hard on your team and our team played incredibly hard. We hoped to play smarter at times but everyone played as hard as they could giving everything they had so I was proud of them for that.”


Savanna: “I think it was an emotional game all around. There were highs and lows for both teams. Towards the end we were all like, ‘Look we really need to focus’ because we did not play our best game. I think they scouted us well. I was just happy that we were able to bring it in at the end.”


Rachel: “They brought it but we also brought it. They were an aggressive team so we got on each other this week in practice so we were expecting that and I think we executed well.”


T.J.: “We played them earlier this year and had a similar game. We were happy to be able to beat them both times.”


T.J.: “Rachel hit some big ones. The threat of her also makes other things open up for other people and she’s done a really good job this year of letting us find shots for her.”


T.J.: “They’re very different teams, but UCSD is very scrappy. We’ll scout for them and prepare for them.”