UC San Diego - Azusa Pacific Postgame Quotes

By UC San Diego

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UC San Diego – Azusa Pacific Postgame Quotes

March 16, 2019


UC San Diego Head Coach Heidi VanDerveer


Opening Statement:

“I would like to congratulate Azusa on a really competitive game. We knew going in that the west region would be very tough to win. I feel like our team was very prepared to win and really battled to the end. No better example of the character and competitiveness and the all out grit of our team. The woman on my right, Joleen Yang, I thought epitomized what UC San Diego basketball was all about with not just her game, but her growth over four years and her stepping up as a senior leader for us in all aspects of her game. I credit Azusa on a really competitive game and I credit our team for competing to the end, giving us an opportunity down the stretch, when we were down 12, then down 8. We haven’t been in this situation very much throughout the year and the season obviously, but I thought we had great character and that goes to the leadership of JoJo and Shandiin with our upperclass with Mikayla and Kayla and Haleigh. I think they provide us great leadership. That’s a sad locker room in there quite honestly and as much as it hurts, I know we’ve invested all that we had and we left it all on the floor tonight.”


General thoughts:

“We talked a lot about JoJo but Shandiin and Kayla are also seniors. We talked in the locker room about the expectations of our program and of our team: to compete for championships and to grow and to have a culture of excellence and team chemistry, and JoJo and Shandiin and Kayla set a great table for our younger players and now they need to step up to the plate… Now we have to live up to that legacy.”


Senior Guard Joleen Yang


On the disappointment in the locker room:

“I think it’s less about the 30 wins and one loss. I think it’s just because this whole season was about playing for each other. It wasn’t about the wins and losses. I’ve never been on a team that really genuinely wanted to win for each other and I feel like that’s why the locker room is so sad right now because we all wanted it for each other not for ourselves.”


On her defensive efforts:

“We had a tough shooting night and I felt that I needed to do whatever I needed to do because I saw it slipping away a little bit and I was like, I’m going to guard her to the best of my ability because I need to leave it all on the court there. She’s one of the best players in the region and to take on the responsibility I was just like, let’s just do this. It was what I could do so I did it.”


Azusa Pacific Head Coach T.J. Hardeman


Opening Statement:

“We’ve had a great year as a team building together. We wanted to win the regular season, we did that, and we said let’s progress and advance in the regional final here. It’s been a goal of ours. We saw the seedings and we were excited. A lot of people were saying, ‘They can’t beat an undefeated team’ or whatever and we knew the whole time we don’t know who’s going to win but we know we’re going to give a great effort and some of the teams haven’t seen our length we have so we were excited to do that and it was fun to see the girls meet the challenge.”


On adjustments during the game:

“We scouted them and knew when the ball goes here, here are the major places it goes. We really just said trust Laura inside, and everyone else match up with them outside. I think they did a great job adjusting. They did things tonight we’d never seen and the players saw that and said, ‘I need to be here’ and adjusted to that.”


Senior Forward Samantha Huddleston


On what was going through her head while stepping up to the free throw line:

“My heart was beating very fast. Just composure mostly and repetition.”


On defending Mikayla Williams:

“We wanted to really focus on just not making it easy for her, at the low parts in the zone and having that be the focus. No easy baskets. She’s an amazing player, so the team effort in the zone and making it hard for her.”


Junior Guard Daylee Hanson


On her night overall:

“My goal was to play hard and focus when I’m taking my layups. Sometimes I can get out of control so my main focus was staying under control and working hard.”


Junior Guard Savanna Hanson


On what UC San Diego was doing to limit her looks:

“Joleen is a really good defender first off, so I feel like I was scouted well, but when that happened, coach pulled me aside. When that’s the case, that’s when you look for other people, so that’s what I started to focus on instead of getting emotional and frustrated with myself, focusing on kicking it out to the team and making it a team effort.”