Alaska Anchorage - Azusa Pacific Postgame Quotes

By UC San Diego

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Alaska Anchorage – Azusa Pacific Postgame Quotes

March 18, 2019


Alaska Anchorage Head Coach Ryan McCarthy


Opening statement:

“It was a good basketball game. Anybody who paid $10 or whatever it is to watch this got their money’s worth. We had a rough night from the field. Azusa bothered us with their length. We got a little stagnant offensively. We hit a shot that gave us a chance to win and that’s all that you ask for. If there was any shot we were going to lose on, I’d rather lose on that than they draw up some wizard play and get a layup. If they hit a Hail Mary then God bless them. You’ve got to move on and I think that’s something our seniors can live with. I’m proud of our team and proud of our fight. We went through a lot of adversity this year with injuries and were able to do something that’s really hard and win our league because no one travels like our league does.”


On this year’s West Regional Championship loss versus last year’s:

“It hurts a lot more this year because we had more buy in. Of all the years I’ve coached, I’ve lost in the first round and coached a team that competed in the national championship, and I don’t know that any of those groups had the buy in that this group had. They overachieved.”


Senior Forward/Center Hannah Wandersee


On her career:

“Coming into the program, I never thought I’d be the player I ended my career as. That’s all the coaching staff and that’s my teammates who pushed me every day in practice. The coaching staff does a good job at holding everyone to such a high standard and demanding our best… If you completely buy in and work your hardest and dedicate yourself to getting better, you can do special things.”


Azusa Pacific Head Coach T.J. Hardeman


Opening Statement:

“That was an unforgettable game. Both teams battled like crazy, up and down. They started off ahead quite a bit and we were like, ‘Oh this team is playing hard,’ but then our team did the same thing. We responded back and said, ‘We’re playing hard also.’ I think both teams made the other team be a little out of their comfort zone and do some stuff they don’t usually do, and I thought our team did a great job responding to that and making basketball plays rather than running just a specific play here and there.”


On the final shot of the game:

“We actually ran a play that we run quite a bit in practice, but it never ends like that. Lydia did a great job of understanding. We put the ball in the freshman’s hands to dish to someone else to make the shot, but she did a great job of seeing there was no one there, so she should shoot it… That was awesome for her to have the timing in her head and to make it. I’ve never felt like that in a game.”


Freshman Guard Lydia Nieto


On having a big game during a crucial contest:

“I couldn’t do it without my team. I have to give them all my props. I wasn’t able to shoot the ball without Coach setting up the play or these girls playing as hard as they do. Again, I give props to my team.”


Sophomore Forward Laura Pranger


On the tournament:

“It’s been a whirlwind of a tournament, that’s for sure. All the games have been really close games and I’m proud of my team for having composure and focusing throughout the whole game and playing together and staying together.”


On how far she thought the team would go at the start of the season:

“I’m not sure honestly. I didn’t know what I was going into. I’m so proud of how far we’ve come throughout the whole season and I’m excited to see what we have in store.”


Junior Guard Daylee Hanson


On how it feels to be heading to Columbus:

“It’s the best feeling. Especially just after all the ups and downs from this season and the past few games… We’ve just had this confidence within ourselves that no one else, from our perspective, had in us. Our whole goal going into the game was playing for each other. I feel like we really did that tonight, making those extra passes and diving for those balls. It’s almost a better feeling when we know we did it the right way. We played together and battled hard together. It’s been a really fun weekend.”