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Athletics Front Desk: 858.534.4211
Athletics Fax: 858.534.8172

Mailing Address
UC San Diego
Intercollegiate Athletics
9500 Gilman Drive, RIMAC 4th Floor
La Jolla, CA 92093-0531

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Department Org Chart

Earl Edwards Director of Athletics 858.534.4211
Wendy Taylor May Deputy Director of Athletics 858.534.8417
Ken Grosse Senior Associate Athletics Director 858.534.8460
Danielle Boyle Melman (UCSD '03)

Assistant Athletics Director - External Relations

Nick Feller Assistant Athletics Director - Marketing/Ticket Sales 858.534.2508
Scott Flanders Associate Athletics Director - Communications 858.534.8437
Katie McGann (UCSD '05) Associate Athletics Director - Compliance/Student Services 858.534.8700
Abrina Wheatfall Assistant Athletics Director - Student-Athlete Development/Compliance 858.822.7837
Kasey Benjamin (UCSD '13) Athletics Program Coordinator 858.822.5892
Michelle Boyer Athletics Program Coordinator Intern 858.534.4211
Kaila'Shea Menendez Internal Operations Assistant 858.534.2902
Meghan O'Rourke External Relations Assistant 858.534.4693
Athletic Training
Spanos ATR Office   858.822.6234  
Vanessa Yang Head Athletic Trainer 858.822.0895
Allison Pastor Assistant Athletic Trainer 858.822.2925
Eli Bisnett-Cobb Assistant Athletic Trainer 858.534.8459
Business Operations
Nora Bodrian Director of Business Operations 858.822.3324
Heather Ledezma Assistant Director of Business Operations 858.534.1937
Jessica Iburg Fiscal/Human Resources Coordinator 858.534.2859
Monica Hall Director of Travel and Sports Camps 858.822.4426
Mack Chambers Information Systems Analyst 858.534.1001
Brendan Clowry Camps and Business Operations Intern 858.822.2755
Scott Flanders Associate Athletics Director (basketball, fencing, golf, rowing, tennis, women's volleyball) 858.534.8437
Doga Gur (UCSD '98) Senior Assistant Communications Director (baseball, soccer, swimming & diving, men's volleyball) 858.246.0660
Kaiber Takamiya Communications Assistant (cross country, softball, track & field, water polo) 858.534.8451
Compliance/Student Services
Katie McGann (UCSD '05) Associate Athletics Director - Compliance/Student Services 858.534.8700
Abrina Wheatfall Assistant Athletics Director - Student-Athlete Development/Compliance 858.822.7837
Alex Pappas Graduate Compliance Intern 858.822.5172
Cliff Kubiak Faculty Athletics Representative 858.822.2665
Diana Barnard Director of Development 858.534.3540
Lauren Segars Assistant Director of Development 858.534.3540
Anthony Bradley Development Assistant 858.534.3540
Equipment Room
Tara Snowdeal Operations Coordinator/Equipment Manager 858.822.0571
Javier Carrillo, Jr. (UCSD '15) Operations/Equipment Intern 858.822.0571
Marketing and Ticket Sales
Nick Feller Assistant Athletics Director 858.534.2508
Matt Steiger Marketing Assistant 858.534.8436
Hannah Seaman Marketing Assistant 858.534.8436
Strength and Conditioning
Spanos APC   858.822.6211  
Myles Cooper Director of Strength and Conditioning 858.822.2115
Scott Bankers Assistant Director of Strength and Conditioning 858.822.6433
Jason Boyd Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach 858.822.6433
Matt Tardif Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach 858.822.6433



Eric Newman Head Coach 858.534.8162
Rob Avila Associate Head Coach - Pitchers 858.822.0741
J.T. Bloodworth Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator - Hitting/Infielders 858.246.1648
Jeff Calhoon Assistant Coach - Catchers 858.246.1648
Tony York (UCSD) Assistant Coach - Outfielders 858.822.0741
Basketball - Men's
Eric Olen Head Coach 858.534.8453
Clint Allard (UCSD '08) Associate Head Coach 858.822.6553
Brendan Clowry Assistant Coach 858.822.6553
Terry Ryan Assistant Coach 858.822.6553
Basketball - Women's
Heidi VanDerveer
Head Coach 858.534.8441
Chelsea Carlisle (UCSD '12) Assistant Coach 858.246.0750
Heidi Heintz Assistant Coach 858.534.2035
Cross Country - Men's/Women's
Nate Garcia (UCSD '00) Head Coach 858.534.0328
Anthony Garcia (UCSD '05) Assistant Coach 858.534.0328
Fencing - Men's/Women's
Heidi Runyan Head Coach 858.735.3544
Josh Runyan Associate Head Coach 858.735.0512
Dave Burgess Assistant Coach 858.534.9816
Katherine Gillcrist Assistant Coach 858.534.9816
Golf - Men's
Jim Ragan Head Coach 858.414.9698
Lewis Simon (UCSD '15) Assistant Coach 858.414.9698
Rowing - Men's
Zach Johnson Head Coach 858.822.2671
Jeff Collett (UCSD '09) Assistant Coach 858.246.0728
Sean Dougherty (UCSD '15) Assistant Coach 858.246.0728
Rowing - Women's
Colin Truex Head Coach 858.534.8452
Kimberly Dale Associate Head Coach 858.534.8452
Kimmie McCune (UCSD '15) Assistant Coach 858.534.8452
Soccer - Men's
Jon Pascale Head Coach 858.534.8165
Ryan Hernandez Associate Head Coach 858.534.8165
Tim Hogan Assistant Coach - Goalkeepers 858.534.8165
Soccer - Women's
Brian McManus Head Coach 858.534.8456
Kristin Jones (UCSD '04) Associate Head Coach 858.534.8456
Trent Painter Assistant Coach - Goalkeepers 858.534.8456
Patti Gerckens Head Coach 858.534.8442
Jessica Millsap Associate Head Coach/Recruiting Coordinator 858.534.8442
Jordan Card Assistant Coach 858.534.8442
Diana Payan Assistant Coach 858.534.8442
Swimming & Diving - Men's/Women's
Corrie Falcon Head Coach - Women 858.534.8463
Daniel Perdew (UCSD '10) Head Coach - Men 858.534.8462
Marko Djordjevic Assistant Coach 858.822.7569
Michelle Casillas Diving Coach 858.822.2910
Emmett Walling Assistant Coach 858.822.7569
Tennis - Men's
Timmer Willing Head Coach 858.534.8457
Tavi Popaluca Assistant Coach 858.534.8457
Tennis - Women's
Liz LaPlante Head Coach 858.534.8455
Xavier Barajas Smith Assistant Coach 858.534.8455
Track & Field - Men's/Women's
Tony Salerno Head Coach - Men 858.822.2833
Darcy Ahner Head Coach - Women 858.822.2833
Nate Garcia (UCSD '00) Assistant Coach - Distance 858.534.0328
Mick Gieskes Assistant Coach - Sprints 858.822.2833
Mike Kuoppamaki Assistant Coach - Pole Vault 858.822.2833
Linda Rainwater (UCSD '10) Assistant Coach - Hurdles/Jumps/Video 858.822.2833
Lauren Irish (UCSD '15) Assistant Coach - Operations 858.822.2833
Volleyball - Men's
Kevin Ring (UCSD '96) Head Coach 858.534.8458
Kyle Campana Assistant Coach 858.534.8458
Paul Warren (UCSD '92) Assistant Coach 858.534.8458
Garrett Payne Assistant Coach 858.534.8458
Volleyball - Women's
Ricci Luyties Head Coach 858.534.8443
Sean Cahill Assistant Coach 858.534.8443
Brittany Lombardi (UCSD '14) Assistant Coach 858.534.8443
Water Polo - Men's
Denny Harper Head Coach 858.534.6037
Matt Ustaszewski (UCSD '04) Associate Head Coach 858.531.4082
Glenn Busch (UCSD '01) Assistant Coach 858.534.6037
Water Polo - Women's
Brad Kreutzkamp Head Coach 858.822.3578
Jenna Williamson Associate Head Coach 858.822.7569
Kim Hockett (UCSD '08) Assistant Coach 858.822.7569

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