2017-18 UC San Diego Men's Tennis
UC San Diego vs Holy Names (Mar 25, 2018)

Holy Names 0, #43 UC San Diego 0 [Suspended]
Mar 25, 2018 at Oakland, CA (Meyer Tennis Courts)

Singles competition
1. Alex Vinee-Munoz (HNU-MT) vs. #22 Eric Tseng (UCSD) unfinished
2. Hugo Colpart (HNU-MT) vs. Justin Zhang (UCSD) unfinished
3. Vincent Hennebelle (HNU-MT) vs. Marc Isaia (UCSD) unfinished
4. Javier Luque (HNU-MT) vs. Richard Han (UCSD) unfinished
5. Valentin Baranyi (HNU-MT) vs. Marius Ruh (UCSD) unfinished
6. Neil Tengbumroong (UCSD) def. Taylor Bryant (HNU-MT) 6-2, 6-2

Doubles competition
1. Marc Isaia/Sreeganesh Manoharan (UCSD) def. Alex Vinee-Munoz/Hugo Colpart (HNU-MT) 8-7 (7-5)
2. Eric Tseng/Justin Zhang (UCSD) def. Vincent Hennebelle/Javier Luque (HNU-MT) 8-4
3. Eskil Jarlskog/Neil Tengbumroong (UCSD) def. Valentin Baranyi/Taylor Bryant (HNU-MT) 8-4

Match Notes
UC San Diego 8-2; National ranking #43; Regional ranking #3
Holy Names 4-9; Regional ranking #9
Match unfinished due to rain. No make up expected to complete match.

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